Answers to the most common questions we get regarding our services in web design, social media management, social marketing and all the services our digital marketing company does.

This can depend on many factors but the average build time from brief to going live is 4-6 weeks.

This can be quicker if you have all the assets required ready to go and may take longer should there be a delay in gaining all the information or in the case of major scope changes along the way.

NOTES: Gathering information / assets (eg: copy, images, videos etc) is the most common reason a website takes longer than it should. The more prepared you are with this information the quicker the build time. We have a comprehensive development questionnaire that will help you gather this information.

Depending on our clients need we offer a variety of options under Joomla, Laravel, WordPress, Shopify, React or HTML5, OpenCart.

However, we recommend and often use WordPress which is universally known as the best, most flexible platform available due to its extensive functionality and reliability.

Yes! Every site we build is mobile device friendly/responsive, meaning your website will look as good as it does on your desktop computer across all phones, tablets and mobile devices.

NOTE: Do not engage a web developer who does not offer this. With the use of mobile devices constantly rising combined with the importance Google place on websites being responsive, mobile responsiveness is key to your website’s success.

Regular Arrangement:

We invoice 50% of the total fee upfront to commence the build. The 50% balance is invoiced on completion of the site and before the go live date. Payment terms are 7 days from invoice.

Special Circumstances:

We understand small businesses and recognise that cash flow is often a hinderance in embarking on marketing projects like a new website. We want you to succeed online, so if required, we can negotiate a payment plan where we invoice you a set amount per month over a set number of months. We usually complete the build in less time but bill you over an agreed period.

To ensure optimum security and efficiency of your site, we highly recommend that your website is backed up and all plugins are updated at least monthly. We can provide this service for you at €99 per month.

This fee includes any minor tweaks you may wish to make to your site. For more extensive work after completion of your site, we would quote on an as needed basis. You are welcome to manage your own backups and updates.

If this is the case, there are no ongoing fees. TIP: A website should be integrated into your existing and long-term business goals and not considered a one-time marketing expense.

Budget for the initial cost of website design and development is needed, but also keep in mind that you may want to change or update your website just like you make changes and updates to your business direction.

A website that isn’t maintained and updated doesn’t do much for your brand.

Yes of course. If you require any ongoing support, we are here for you. We can tailor support services to suit your exact requirements. Please contact us to discuss further.

Your domain name is essentially your website’s online address and is the first step to getting your business online. So, yes you will need a domain name to create a website.

Your domain name is the address people type in to their browser to find your website eg: is typed in to find this website. You can register many types of domain names including;.i.e. .com,,,,, .eu,, .asia, .nz. etc.

Most businesses based in Ireland will register a .ie domain name but we can help you decide on what is best for you. Domain names can cost as little as €5.99 per year.. It’s also important to consider that a domain name will be available in many formats. If some of the above domain types are not available when using your business name then it’s important to understand there may be other businesses that have the same or similar name to you.

It is worth researching who they are so there is no confusion when it comes to people searching for your products or services.

NOTE: Keep in mind when you are purchasing a domain name: Is it easy to spell? Does it fit with your company product, service or name? If it’s a long name, will it show up well when used in printed advertising? Recommended Domain Registrar: To protect your IP, we recommend you buy your own domain name, so you own this name and it is registered in your name. If you need help purchasing a domain name, we can assist and will quote on demand. Prices depend on the actual domain name you are wanting to buy. Please CONTACT US for assistance.

We recommend you purchase your hosting package with us. That way we can give you full support in case of an emergency.

We do work with websites hosted in other platforms, but we might be limited to some features. Full control  for us is always advice when it comes to managing or maintaining websites.

We make sure all our websites have SEO completed before launch. All of our sites are built in a Search Engine complaint way that includes basic SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation done by us uses the most compliant and up-to-date techniques, but it’s fair to say that SEO is a science on its own and one we don’t claim to be experts in (like a lot of companies, self-declared experts and services do).

But for a more comprehensive and tailored SEO program we quote on request.

Well written copy helps build an understanding of your brand, inspires trust and creates growth.

The right copy is a key component of your website’s success and we can help you achieve this.

CONTACT US to discuss pricing and options.

Yes, we can. Like your copy, images are very important to properly reflect your brand. We can assist you in finding photographers near you to gain all the imagery you may need. We can also assist in helping you find suitable stock photography.

CONTACT US to discuss pricing and options.

The following gives you a general idea of the process we follow to build websites. We conduct an initial consultation to ascertain your vision and requirements and to ensure we can assist you. We send you a Web Development Questionnaire for you to complete. On receival of the completed questionnaire we send you a detailed quote and time frame. On acceptance of the quote, we commence working with you to gather all the assets we require to get the build underway. On receival of all assets from you, we commence the build process. We regularly update you with design proofs for your feedback. Upon approval of the overall design, we complete the backend build and enter all off your copy, images etc so the Website is complete and ready to go live. Upon your final approval, your Website goes live online. Exciting! We train you on the backend editing system if you want to be able to self-edit the site. You watch your business grow!

There are numerous way to track your website visitors and the performance of your site. Two of the most common methods are via Google Analytics and Facebook. We can install your Google Analytics code and a Facebook Pixel on your site so you can be tracking your website visitors. This not only gives you great insights but allows you to start targeted marketing campaigns in the future. We will discuss all of these options with you. Adding these codes is included in your website quote.

Yes, we can. We can help you develop and define your brand including logos, key messaging etc. CONTACT US to discuss pricing and options.

Please CONTACT US to kick off your project. We will scope out your exact requirements to esnure we can help you then guide you through the most efficient, effective and measurable web development plan to suit your business and budget. Our no-fuss approach will have your business online quickly and easily so you can get on with running your growing business.

Yes, we love to manage Google Ad campaigns to help drive business to your website. We analyse your account and make it stronger when it refers to keywords, campaigns, copywriting, settings and more.

CONTACT US for more information.

We will scope out your exact requirements to esnure we can help you then guide you through the most efficient, effective and measurable adwords plan to suit your business and budget.

Our no-fuss approach will have your ads up quickly and easily so you can get on with running your growing business.

Please CONTACT US to kick off your project.

The aim of the Search Engine Optimisation Audit is to understand the current position and performance of the website with its online marketing activity.

We will review the website design, website content, page performance, functionality, shop, plugins, speed, pixel code (if applicable), tracking codes (if applicable), cookie management, Facebook & Instagram shop integration (if applicable), device optimisation, Google Ad Account, Google Search Console (if applicable), user behaviour, Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which can help determine whether where improvements are needed, optimised for users and targeting the right customers.